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People weight training.



Pillar Training is a more intelligent approach to training and conditioning. All about movement quality over quantity, it is a style of training that is based on natural body movement and function used in everyday life. With a heavy focus on maximizing caloric expenditure, your Personalized Pillar Training Program incorporates the whole body, is multi joint and includes tri-planar movements. Your Sustain Life Fitness Certified Trainer will not only ensure that you are performing fundamental movements of the human body with proper form but that you remain injury free. Build a stronger and a more stable fit body.

What do we mean by natural body movement and function used in everyday life?


We seldomly move in one plane (sagittal, frontal etc..) of motion but  do move in multiple planes, which is applicable to real life situations. These would be considered natural movements. Movements that involve multiple planes, are mutli joint, ground based,  integrated (more than 1 muscle/joint) and apply to how we move in the real world.


Pillar Training is for every body because the framework of the training revolves around the pillars of human movement: pushing, pulling, rotation, changing of levels and locomotion (forward movement).


Think about it…



  • The way in which we move objects to or away from the body.

  • Pushing and pulling from a standing position is more functional than from a seated position.

  • Integrated exercises teach the muscles in the body how to communicate with one another.



  • Changing levels involve movements of the lower extremities and trunk that lower or raise the body.

  • Incorporating exercises that resemble the way we change levels in real life prepare the body to properly utilize perform these kind of movements in everyday life. -e.g. Picking up a small child off the floor

  • Knowledge regarding proper organization of the spine and pelvis assist with avoiding stress or injury to the back.



  • The body is neurologically crossed-wired and geared for rotation.

  • 87.5% of the muscles in our body are oriented in a diagonal or horizontal fashion.



  • Locomotion involves all of the pillars of movement and is one of the most basic bio motor skills the body performs.

  • There is a technique to standing and walking properly.

  • Holding one’s center of mass on a single or multiple base of support is fundamental to our existence.


Things change, your exercise routine should as well.


From session-to-session, your Sustain Life Fitness Trainer will keep you engaged with varied exercises and whole natural body movements. With progress and correct performance will come increasingly challenging exercises and a higher count of calories burned. Staying safe but effective in your exercise routine, you will find ease moving with strength throughout your everyday.

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