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Active woman with healthy green juice.


Proper Nutrition will Propel YOU to Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Nutrition planning can seem overwhelming due to the plethora of information coming from multiple and sometimes conflicting resources. Sustain Life Fitness Trainers take the difficulty out of planning by determining the foods your body needs via the Sustain Life Fitness Nutritional Assessment. During the assessment there will be a review of current and past eating habits, medical history, body type, metabolism, lifestyle and an in-depth look at micro and macro nutrient intake. Strategically designed to compliment your fitness program, Sustain Life Fitness stays focused on your ultimate health goals to develop the best eating plan for you.


Sustainable Change and Support


As you move through your fitness/ nutrition program, your Sustain Life Fitness coach will continue to identify the foods you are lacking, help you deal with cravings, and make smart whole and high quality food choices when facing life's challenging moments.


Honest and Outcome Based


The success of your Sustain Life Fitness nutrition plan will directly reflect the amount of effort put in and whether or not the guidelines put in place are followed. However, with an Sustain Life Fitness Coach, you will not have to do it alone and will have guidance every step along the way. In addition to smart planning and execution, one of the most important components of nutrition planning is tracking.  


Strong Effort = Results

Proper Execution of Nutrition Plan = Performance Improvement and Lifestyle Change

Tracking = Reality vs. Perception

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