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In a world with an abundance of information and options it can seem like these personal at-home companies may be all the same. We realize there are a lot of options and the truth is while there are similarities, the Sustain Life Fitness difference is in our philosophy and guiding principles.


What sets us apart…


Sustainability is our number one focus. There are no short term fixes. Gradual change is what truly drives lifestyle change.


We bring it back to the fundamentals- We recognize and abide by the fact that everyday practice and mindset are the foundation in accomplishing health and wellness goals.


Building on the Pillars of Human Movement, Sustain Life Fitness exercise programs focus on proper alignment, muscle balance, and posture. Our unique approach to creating customized fitness plans for each client is informed by education and certification in exercise physiology and nutrition and experience working with clients that span all levels of fitness.


As a Sustain Life Fitness Coach our main job is not only in supporting you to achieve your goals but ensuring that you are well-prepared, perform with proper execution, track your progress every step along the way and are given sound advice that is backed by science to remain injury free, safe and fit.



Jared Wild


Jared has been transforming lives through Athleticism, Commitment and Balance for more than 10 years. With past and present clients spanning all levels of fitness; Jared has guided and supported more than dozens through major weight-loss transformations and has coached clients as they prepare for competitive events, such as Marathons, Triathlons, and a variety of sporting events.


Jared graduated from Dr. Anthony Abbots Fitness Institute International in Boca Raton, Florida in 2003 and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, The American College of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition, and has a Functional Training Specialist Certification from the Institute of Human Performance run by Juan Carlos Santana. Additionally, a culinary background of over fifteen years at some of New York’s top restaurants and a degree from the Florida Culinary Institute compliment his fitness experience and provide top quality nutrition planning.


Jared currently resides in New York City.

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