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Sustain Life Fitness is an exclusive boutique in-home personal training company who focuses on movement quality over movement quantity. We design custom tailored fitness programs to help you look and feel your best. Enjoy the convenience and save time by having our coaches come to you. With minimal equipment and your own body resistance we can create individual workouts based on both your fitness goals and current fitness level. 

We're matchmakers. Finding the right coach to connect with is our goal and will help propel you to success.  We'll help you get in the shape of your life! Regain the energy you need to make it through the day,  build a leaner stronger body, and start enjoying and eating more of the foods that will help sharpen your mind and nourish you soul. 

All SLF trainers are qualified and certified by nationally recognized organizations. 

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Pillar Training is a more intelligent approach to training and conditioning. All about movement quality over quantity, it is a style of training that is based on natural body movement and function used in everyday life. With a heavy focus on maximizing caloric expenditure, your Personalized Pillar Training Program incorporates the whole body, is multi joint and includes tri-planar movements. Your Sustain Life Fitness Certified Trainer will not only ensure that you are performing fundamental movements of the human body with proper form but that you remain injury free. Build a stronger and a more stable fit body.





In Integral Yoga guidance and instruction are crucial. An understanding of the musculoskeletal system and key anatomic structures in relation to Yoga are absolutely necessary to develop and advance practice, safely move past physical barriers and remain injury free.

“Yoga is like any other science or art: preparation and training are essential.”

-Swami Satyananda Saraswati



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Nutrition planning can seem overwhelming due to the plethora of information coming from multiple and sometimes conflicting resources. Sustain Life Fitness Trainers take the difficulty out of planning by determining the foods your body needs via the SLF Nutritional Assessment. During the assessment there will be a review of current and past eating habits, medical history, body type, metabolism, lifestyle and an in-depth look at micro and macro nutrient intake. Strategically designed to compliment your fitness program, Sustain Life Fitness stays focused on your ultimate health goals to develop the best eating plan for you.



SENIOR FITNESS: Focused on movement quality over quantity, main components of Sustain Life Fitness Senior Fitness programs are better coordination, mobility, balance and stamina. Improve the way you function and enjoy an overall better quality of life.


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Pregnant woman in Yoga pants


Pregnancy is the most crucial time to be keenly aware of your nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress levels and daily lifestyle. With the support and guidance of an Sustain Life Fitness Coach, reach optimal health and create the most perfect environment for your new arrival-- before conception, during pregnancy and for a lifetime.


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